Christian Blue Pages

 posted by: Mark Jurgens on 7/30/2014

What a blessing you have been to so many during your service as Executive Director of The Church Federation of Greater Indianapolis. You always made be smile. Thank you for being you. Wishing you the best as you move forward in Christ's name. Read More

Christ's Open Door Baptist Church

 posted by: Rev. William Louis Ratliff & Rev. Winfred Weah on 7/29/2014

Your church family wants to thank you for your ministerial contributions to our local congregations, Christ's Open Door Baptist Church, the community, and the global ministry. God has used you both as our outreach ministry team to go beyond the bricks and mortar of a church building to share the good news and love of God anywhere. You must always be ready to go where God sends you. Read More

Former Church Federation Staff

 posted by: Roscel S. Carandang on 7/29/2014

You were my mentor when it came to the ecumenical movement. This was an area I was blinded to and had no idea existed, and because of you and because of The Church Federation of Greater Indianapolis, I joyfully discovered this vast world at the age of 33 – for this, I am forever thankful, because my vision of God’s gift called life has been richer, more colorful, and definitely more rewarding. Read More

Synod of Lincoln Trails Presbyterian Church (USA)

 posted by: Carol M. McDonald, Executive on 7/29/2014

What a gift you have been to, and what gifts you have shared with, the ecumenical community of greater Indianapolis! Under your leadership, the Church Federation has grown in ministry, in visibility, and service! You have mobilized so many good volunteers - both individuals and organizations! Our city is richer because of your time with, and among, us! Read More

Eastern Star Church

 posted by: Wynesia Jackson, Assimilation & Discipleship Administrator on 7/29/2014

Thanks so much for nineteen years of service as Executive Director of The Church Federation of Greater Indianapolis. Your leadership has made a significant impact in the Indianapolis community and will be greatly missed. Although I just recently joined the board, I have been impressed by your positive spirit, tenacity and love for donuts! Read More

American Baptist Churches of Greater Indianapolis

 posted by: Rev. Joan Friesen, Executive Minister on 7/29/2014

What a joy it has been to work in partnership with you and the Church Federation these past years since I moved to Indianapolis. I have such great appreciation for the way you have brought people together from all expressions of faith in order to reach towards God’s kingdom goals and to better this city for the cause of Christ. Read More

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